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Acoustic Guitar or Electric Guitar for Beginners? Lincroft Music

Updated: May 27, 2022

Looking at guitars for the first time if you've never looked into them before can be overwhelming. There are so many shapes, styles, colors, types and price points to choose from that it can quickly become overwhelming. Take a breath! With the right guidance, you can feel confident that you're making the right decision. Looking at guitars can be a lot of fun!

"A common myth is that you should learn on an acoustic first before learning on an electric guitar.", explains Sheri Nocelli, owner of Lincroft Music in Monmouth County NJ. "That's an old school way of thinking though. In reality, it's more beneficial for students to learn on an electric. Electrics are thinner, with thinner necks and thinner strings allowing students to hold the instrument and make proper chords and fingerings with less frustration. Acoustics are big, with thick metal strings, so it can be a lot more frustrating to learn for the first time when you have to work harder to make a sound."

"Something to think about too is, what kind of music do you listen to? If you listen to country or folk, then an acoustic might be a good idea for you. If you listen to more classic rock, or rock in general, you really want to think about the electric guitar. The thing is... you can play all kinds of music on an electric, but you really can't on an acoustic. When's the last time you heard Led Zeppelin on an acoustic?", Nocelli explains.

Buying an electric guitar is a good idea for beginner students of all ages, from 5 to teens and adults. There are many great entry level guitar packages available for beginners that make the process even easier. Beginner packages include everything you need including the guitar, a small practice amplifier, strap, picks and extra strings.

These are 3 great options available on Amazon if you're looking for the perfect instrument to get started with.

This is a higher end beginner guitar package that includes everything you need to start playing. The guitar is a better quality from a name brand, which means you can play this for years and years to come. It will stand up to the test of time. This pack includes a small amp, a cord, a strap and a lot of other fun goodies!

2) DONNER FULL SIZE PACK If you are on more of a budget, or aren't sure you want to invest in a better instrument just yet, it's perfectly okay to start with this package. Donner is a lower end brand, but this guitar will be enough for you to start lessons. This entry level guitar will last around 1-2 years before you'll start to feel the quality and need something with a little more playability. This is an excellent choice that a lot of guitar students start with.

Generally, we recommend going right to a full size guitar, even for kids. It's better for them to learn to stretch to the chords and notes right away. (Think about a piano, 5 year olds and adults all play the same size keys). Sometimes if a student is younger, 5 or 6 years old, and are very petite, we will recommend a 3/4 Scale Guitar for them to start on. This is a good lower end package, which is perfect since it won't be used more than a year or so.

If you or your child have your heart set on an acoustic, this is a great option. The cutaway feature will make it a little easier to handle and get your arm around. This is a low end, brand that will help you get started with something playable. This is an entry level option, and in a few years you'll want to upgrade to something with better overall playability.

LINCROFT MUSIC is a Music School in Monmouth County, NJ offering lessons on all instruments including Guitar, Drums, Piano, Singing, Bass & Ukulele as well as classes for Acting, Musical Theater, Broadway, Kids Theater, Songwriting, Beat Making, Modern Music Making and Band Programs.

Serving Lincroft, Middletown, Red Bank, Shrewsbury, Tinton Falls, Colts Neck, Holmdel, Rumson, Little Silver, Saint Leo the Great, CBA and Oak Hill Academy.

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