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Lincroft Music offers kids group guitar classes lessons in Monmouth County, New Jersey. Is your child interested in playing guitar?


  • Kids between the ages of 5-9

  • Kids with an interest in starting guitar for the first time, or restarting if they've played a little before.

  • Kids who want to learn in a stress-free, group environment & meet friends with similar interests


This is an ongoing class. Students will learn the fundamentals of guitar including reading music, theory, songs and more!

Lincroft Music Group Guitar Lessons Class Kids Beginner Young Middletown Monmouth Red Bank


Kids are comfortable learning in a group environment. At this age, most activities including school, sports and dance are taught in collaborative groups.

The best way to be engaged in any activity is to share it with others. By learning in a group, you are joining a community of musicians. You make friends, share the joy of making music together, and peer teach each other. Within a group, students make friends with like-minded musicians and forge deep, long lasting relationships.

Group Guitar is a 45 minute weekly class. Sessions run continuously through the year. Kids may stay enrolled as long as they'd like to continue building on their skills until moving up to a higher level class, or to private lessons.


  • SAT: 10:00 - 10:45 (limited spots!)



$125 a month (Four 45 Minute Classes a month)

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Lincroft Music Group Guitar Lessons Class Kids Beginner Young Middletown Monmouth Red Bank


Lincroft Music Group Guitar Lessons Class Kids Beginner Young Middletown Monmouth Red Bank

Get ready for a whirlwind of musical excitement with our group guitar lessons, specially designed for kids aged 5 to 9! In these lively sessions, young learners will embark on a musical journey filled with laughter and camaraderie.


They'll dive into the world of guitar playing through engaging games, interactive activities, and creative challenges that will have them strumming and rocking in no time. From learning catchy tunes to mastering basic chords, rhythm, and even some cool music theory, our classes are a dynamic blend of fun and education.


Whether they're beginners or have a bit of experience, kids will leave each session with a sense of accomplishment, newfound skills, and a huge grin that reflects the joy of making music with friends..


Imagine kids in group guitar lessons, giggles and strums filling the air as they embark on a musical journey full of games and activities. It's like a musical treasure hunt where they decode chords, conquer rhythm challenges, and unleash their inner rockstars through interactive play. They're not just learning to play the guitar – they're dancing with it, laughing with it, and turning every lesson into a thrilling musical quest that keeps them hooked and excited.

In these lively sessions, the guitar becomes their magical instrument of fun. They're playing musical Simon Says, racing to strum the right note, and creating their own rhythm symphonies through friendly competitions. The games aren't just games – they're secret teachers, sneaking in essential skills while the kids are busy having a blast. With each laughter-filled moment, they're not only building their guitar skills but also developing their creativity, teamwork, and confidence, all while grooving to the rhythm of friendship and fun.

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Guitar Lessons New Jersey

Group guitar lessons are the ultimate stage for younger students to rock their way into musical awesomeness! Bursting with energy, these lessons are a dynamic mix of learning and laughter, creating an environment where young minds thrive. Surrounded by friends, they jam together, learn together, and build skills that go beyond the strings. From mastering their first chord to crafting catchy tunes, every strum is a step towards confidence, teamwork, and a lifelong love for music. So, if you're ready to strum, laugh, and play with pals, our group guitar lessons are the perfect spotlight for your musical journey!

Playing together helps develop the whole musician with benefits including: Social and emotional well-being by sharing our activity with others; teamwork; attention to detail; maintaining an individual part; reinforcing the learning through playing; following a leader; sometimes being the leader; increased sense of pulse; the ability to keep going; and many more!


Games are a fun, engaging and interactive way of learning about music.  In lessons we use a variety of games and activities away from the guitar to reinforce learning and introduce new concepts.  This ensures all learning styles are provided for and makes learning more secure for all.

Children enjoy playing the guitar and learning all about music. The group setting really helps to ensure that our lessons are enjoyable, as does our curriculum (which includes games, singing and a lot of creativity!)


Learning music becomes a wild adventure when it's all fun and games! Imagine kids giggling and grooving as they turn melodies into musical treasure hunts and rhythm challenges into epic dance-offs. These games aren't just about winning – they're secret agents that teach kids to read music notes and understand beats without them even realizing it. So, while they're having a blast, they're also becoming music superheroes who can rock any tune and groove to any rhythm. Who knew learning could be this awesome?

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Many young children are simply not ready for the intensity of individual, one to one music lessons which traditionally follow a linear method.  Learning in groups allows young children to explore and experiment with music in a low intensive format. 

Our lessons are jam-packed with a variety of fun musical activities designed to cater for all learning styles, and our innovative cyclical curriculum allows young learners the opportunity to learn at their own pace. 


We don’t agree with methods that are linear in nature and throw all learning points at children at once, so we break them up – starting with how to find the notes of the guitar neck, reading rhythms and more general musicianship skills, such as learning to describe music using musical vocabulary

We deliver a pioneering curriculum which covers not only the foundations of guitar playing but also general musicianship, listening skills, composition and improvisation

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