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Our Story.

Lincroft Music School was founded in February 2003 by Sheri & Lucien Nocelli, who live in right in Lincroft with their family. Our philosophy is that learning an instrument should be a FUN and REWARDING experience for every student, regardless of age or playing level. Our students are family. Being a part of the Monmouth County Community for 21 years, our greatest joy is watching our students blossom into musicians. 

All of our teachers hold a Bachelors or Masters Degree in Music and are working, professional musicians. Making music FUN for all students, while helping them get a full education is our priority. 

Sheri Lincroft Music Teacher - GUITAR PIANO BASS VOICE SINGING UKULELE Red Bank Middletown

POSITION: When you enter Lincroft Music, you will be greeted by Sheri at the front desk in the reception room. She has been running the music school with her husband since 2003. She does all of the scheduling, phones and social media for the studio. She organizes all of the studios programs as well.

BIO: Sheri lives in Lincroft with her husband, two children and 4 dogs (they're all very little!)  She also owns and manages the Broadway road production Beatlemania Stage Show which tours internationally. She is a published author as well. Her memoir "Life, Love... Leukemia" was published in July of 2013. She is passionate about all of her endeavors, especially running the music studio and ensuring that each student feels like they are part of the Lincroft Music family. 

Lucien Lincorft Music Teacher Monmouth County NJ Red Bank Music Lessons Piano Guitar Drums


  • GUITAR: All Levels & Styles (Specializes in extreme advanced guitar, rock, progressive, metal, Jazz & Jazz Fusion)

  • PIANO: Beginner to Intermediate

  • BASS: All Levels & Styles

  • UKULELE: All Levels

  • CLASSES:  Jazz Jam Program, Blues Program, Advanced Guitar Master Classes, All-Star Bands


Lucien Nocelli is a renowned musician who has been influencing the music industry for over 30 years internationally. A guitarist and multi-instrumentalist since the age of 5, Lucien has performed and recorded with some of this country's top musicians. He has several major albums to his credit. Lucien also is a current touring cast member of the internationally touring broadway production of Beatlemania Stage Show in the role of John Lennon.


He has been teaching guitar since 18 years old, and throughout his years of sharing his knowledge of guitar with his students, he came to develop "The Nocelli Guitar Method", which has become a standard for guitar instructors around the world in their teachings, as well as an invaluable tool for guitarists of all ages and levels. With private teaching experience of over 35 years, Lucien is Lincroft Music's resident advanced guitar instructor. While he does enjoy teaching all levels including beginner and intermediate, many of his students are professional working guitarists who are looking to better their soloing and overall guitar abilities.

Stephanie Lincroft Music Teacher Piano Voice Lessons Singing Monmouth Red Bank Tinton Fall


  • PIANO: All Levels & Styles

  • VOICE: All Levels

  • CLASSES: Musical Theater Classes, Vocal Showcases

BIO: Stephanie began singing and playing the piano at the age of 7 and hasn’t looked back. From an early age she was immersed in Broadway, jazz, rock, classical, you name it and she wanted to be a part of it. She went on to earn several degrees including an Associates in Social Sciences, Bachelors of Music as well as her teaching certificate. 

Stephanie has worked in the public and private school system and taught piano, vocals, and percussion for the past 15 years. Vocally she has a wide range of genres to share. From broadway to the opera, art song to jazz, classic rock to pop she enjoys it and loves to sing it all. 

Stephanie adds a personal touch to every lesson, ensuring every student develops a love for their lessons and instrument. She enjoys offering her broad knowledge of music to aid in song selection and performance etiquette, allowing her to cater to each of her students on an individual level. 

Mike Guitar Teacher Drum Teacher Lincroft Music Lessons Kids Teens Adults Middletown Red B


  • DRUMS: All Levels & Styles​

  • GUITAR: All Levels & Styles

  • UKULELE:  Beginner - Intermediate 

  • PROGRAMS: Jam Sessions, All-Star Bands

BIO: Mike has always loved music, and began at an early age with guitar and drums.  He went on to study at Kean University in NJ. He has toured extensively, and giving private instruction in the tri-state area. He has served as musical director for music institutes in New Jersey. 

       Mikes style of teaching incorporates the students music interests, as well as exposing them to new genres and sounds to widen their musical knowledge. His extensive knowledge of music helps him customize each lesson for each students interested. You can hear anything from Metalica to "Ode to Joy" coming from his lesson room on any given day. His focus on helping each student achieve high levels of personal musical growth helps them develop into well rounded musicians. He strives to create a lifelong love of music, giving students the tools they need to succeed in their own musical journey.

Lincroft Music Teacher Voice Singing Piano Dannielle Choir Director Sing Instructor_edited


  • VOICE: All Levels & Styles

  • PIANO: Beginner to Intermediate

BIO: Dannielle began singing and playing piano at a young age, and early on she knew this was what she wanted to do. She took this love of music into adulthood and majored in voice at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY. She has enjoys performing, most recently as part of La Contessa in Mozart’s Le Nozze di Figaro. She has been a featured voice soloist with the Eastman Chorale and the Eastman School Symphony Orchestra and has worked with internationally renowned coaches and composers.
        Dannielle loves to teach students of all ages. She has extensive knowledge in lyric diction, music theory, and musicianship.  Her primary focus in her voice students is vocal health and her knowledge of vocal pedagogy allows her to prioritize this in all genres. With both vocal and piano students, she caters lessons to each student’s interests and needs, making sure that each one has the ability to reach their goals. She works to ensure that every student creates their unique musical fingerprint while maintaining a comfortable environment for students to experiment and grow.

Jillian Voice Teacher Piano Lincroft Mus


  • VOICE: All Levels & Styles

  • PIANO: Beginner to Intermediate

BIO: Jillian started exploring her love of music when she started piano lessons at age 4. She went on to earn her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre from the prestigious Boston Conservatory. She has performed as Elphaba in Wicked as part of the Original Cast in Japan, as Maureen in Anthony Rapp’s "Concert: Songs from Rent" and various off-Broadway and regional productions.

         Jillian is a passionate voice instructor who brings creativity and personalized attention to her teaching, to students of all ages. Infusing fun into every lesson, she cultivates a welcoming and supportive environment where students feel comfortable exploring their vocal potential. By understanding the unique needs and interests of her students, she crafts lessons that resonate deeply, fostering growth and confidence in their singing abilities. She empowers her students to discover the joy of music and express themselves authentically through their voices.

Pieter Piano Teacher Keyboard Lessons Lincroft Music Middletown Best Review Instructor Red


  • PIANO: Beginner to Advanced

Pieter has always been a music lover since childhood, and early on after developing a love for classical music,  knew a career in music was his path. He went on to study at Berklee College of Music where he graduated with his Bachelor's Degree in Music & Composition. 

Pieters calming, fun personality creates a welcoming, comfortable and ideal environment for his students to begin their own musical journey. He loves helping his students develop their own passion for music and finding their own joys from learning. He enjoys teaching all styles of music, and showing students new genres to explore from pop to rock, from disney to classical. His lessons include a variety of methods including games, flashcards and fun ways to learn to read music, especially for his youngest students. His number one goal is to ensure that every student develop their own love for music, so they can enjoy it as much as he does. 

David Teacher Lincroft Music Piano Guitar Bass Middletown NJ New Jersey Monmouth Music Bes


  • DRUMS: Beginner to Advanced

  • GUITAR: Beginner to Intermediate

  • UKULELE: Beginner to Intermediate

BIO: David started playing drums and guitar at a young age and never looked back. His love of music flourished fast, and he took any opportunity to perform from there. He developed an interest in Jazz, which led to opportunities like performing with the All-State Jazz Band as a high school freshman. He went on to pursue an education in music, studying Jazz and Rock at University of Miami School of Music, where he studied with Jazz greats Keith Copeland and Greg Buford.

          David has extensive touring experience, touring with a heavy metal band opening for bands such as Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson and Anthrax. 

           David loves providing an exciting, supporting environment for his students. His fun demeanor helps students of all ages and levels to feel comfortable to explore all aspects of learning music in their lessons. He loves helping students take music to the next level, and guiding them to unlock their full potential as a drummer or guitarist. 

Amanda - Voice Teacher - Lincroft Music Red Bank Middletown Colts Neck Holmdel Monmouth Si


  • VOICE: All Levels & Styles

  • PIANO: Beginner to Intermediate 


BIO: Amanda fell in love with singing at age 11, immersing herself in all things music. She participated in school choirs, All-Shore & All-State and began private vocal lessons. She went on to study at College of Music at the University of North Texas with a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Jazz Performance. She performs professionally with various wedding and party bands at venues worldwide. She also writes and records her own original music. 

        Amanda's fun, warm personality lend perfectly to her lessons. While her speciality is Jazz, she enjoys teaching all styles of music including Pop and Classical. She's enthusiastic about helping students develop a lifelong love of music, while giving them the tools & techniques to blossom into independent musicians. Always with a smile, she ensures that each students musical journey is positive, encouraging and inspiring. 

Alyssa Teacher.jpg


  • PIANO: Beginner to Intermediate

  • VOICE: Beginner to Advanced

BIO: Alyssa started learning music at age six when she started piano lessons. This served as the bridge to open up her lifelong love of music, and led to her finding her passion for singing. She went on to earn her Bachelor's degree in Music Education from West Chester University, and her Master's degree in Educational Leadership from Seton Hall University.
        Alyssa performs as lead vocalist with a local band and has years of experience teaching middle school choir as well as private piano and singing lessons. She focuses on developing skills that students can continue to expand on, and prides herself on her inclusivity of many genres and approaches. Her students can always be seen coming into and leaving their lessons with big smiles!

Lincroft Music Piano Voice Teacher Kelli. 2.jpg


  • PIANO: All Levels & Styles

  • VOICE: All Levels & Styles

  • CLASSES: Musical Theater & Acting Classes, Group Singing Class

BIO: Kelli has been driven by music all her life. She studied music extensively developing her knowledge, musicality, and talent on a variety of instruments. She went on to earn her BA in Music (Piano Performance) from Bucknell University. She went on to work with a non-profit providing music to patients in NYC hospitals. She tours the Tri-State area performing her own music which she writes and records. 

Kelli's fun-loving, upbeat personality lend perfectly to her music instruction. She provides each student with the tools they need to each their own musical goals, while also ensuring that they gain full knowledge of their instrument. She enjoys teaching a broad spectrum of styles and always makes sure to customize each lesson plan to the individual student's needs and goals as a musician. Cultivating the fundamentals of music theory and making sure each student nurtures their love for music is her goal. 

Sue Lincroft Music Piano Teacher Lessons - Red Bank Middletown Colts Neck Holmdel Monmouth


  • PIANO: Beginner to Advanced

BIO: Sue started playing piano at the age of 4 which developed quickly into a lifelong passion for music. By age 5 she performed Beethoven's Fur Elise in concert, and by age 8 she performed Moonlight Sonata live on national radio. She went on to earn her BM in Music from the Peabody Conservatory of the John Hopkins University. She has been doing as a piano teacher for 20 plus years. 
        Sue loves to teach students of all ages, from 5 to adults. She focuses on helping each student develop a solid foundation on piano, and ensures they truly understand the building blocks to help them grow as musicians. By helping her students learn music they love, she helps them develop their own passion for music and helps them translate that into their piano playing. Her vibrant & positive personality makes learning fun, exciting and inspiring for students of all ages and levels. 

Helen - Lincroft Music Piano Teacher Piano Lessons Middletown Holmdel Red Bank Shrewsbury


  • PIANO: Beginner to Advanced 

BIO: Helen has been passionate about music for as long as she can remember. She pursued her musical interests and received her Bachelor's Degree in Performing Arts from Stockton State University. As a classically trained pianist, she has performed and taught for many years. 

Helen enjoys teaching piano lessons to children, teens and adults alike. While her specialty in Classical, she loves teaching any genre of music. Her approach to music education allows students to play any style of music they are interested in. She aims to inspire her students and help them gain the confidence to achieve their musical goals. Her lessons are tailored to each student and incorporate a variety of subjects, like technique, artistry, and music theory. She loves finding new and creative ways to make each lesson fun and exciting!

Frank NEW Lincroft Music Teacher - GUITAR PIANO BASS VOICE SINGING UKULELE Red Bank Middle


  • DRUMS: All Levels & Styles


BIO: Frank has had a passion for music from a very young age and has always incorporated music into his life. He went on to study at Berklee College of Music as well as the Jazz Program at William Patterson. With over 20 years of touring theater performances as well as teaching, he brings multifaceted knowledge to his drum lessons for students of all ages. 

Franks sets the tone for his lessons to be positive and productive from, from day one helping students enjoy learning the drums. His wide range of musical knowledge allows him to tailor each student's lesson plan accordingly to their musical tastes and needs. He always goes the extra mile to ensure his students are excelling in their own musical journey. He strives to create a friendly and supportive environment for his students, tailoring each lesson to help each student reach their individual goals. He is passionate about helping each student develop strong musicianship and confidence in their craft while instilling a love for music.

Luciana Mini Musicians Teacher Lincroft Music Middletown Red Bank Monmouth Holmdel Colts N



  • PROGRAMS: Program Assistant


BIO: Luciana has been surrounded by music her whole life. Her eclectic taste in music spans from Bob Dylan to America, from the Beatles to Queen, from Ambrosia to Tom Petty and the list goes on and on. Her main instrument is guitar, though she also studies music theory, piano and voice. 

Luciana's calm, welcoming personality makes her a perfect instructor for our Mini Musicians Class. She's passionate about helping our 4-6 year olds start their musical journey, showing them the foundations of music and helping them find the instrument that speaks to them. Luciana also serves as assistant in our programs for older students including Scenes & Songs Acting Class and our All-Star Band programs. Luciana loves helping students explore new areas of music, and helping them start their own musical journey. 

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