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Drum Lessons for Beginners in New Jersey with Lincroft Music

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Beginner drum lesson taking place in New Jersey
Beginner Drum Lessons

Learning to play the drums is an excellent way to get started with music. Drums lessons for beginners help to develop musical rhythm, a skill which can be applied to any music application, from piano, or guitar, to singing or playing a band instrument.

There’s evidence that it is easier to learn something new — like playing an instrument or speaking a different language — while people are young. However, this isn’t the reason we recommend starting early. At Lincroft Music, we want our students to learn discipline, develop patience, and establish self-confidence at an early age by learning an instrument.


You’ve probably seen toddlers smashing drums even before they say complete sentences, but while there’s no blanket requirement to learning an instrument, we recommend starting at around six years old in private lessons. This is when they have the mental focus and attention span to follow drum beats. Younger students can start with drums in our Mini Musician's Class.


Absolutely! With all the 5-year-old drumming prodigies that you see playing on the Internet, you may be feeling like you missed the opportunity when it comes to playing the drums. After all, it’s a young and hip instrument for young and hip people, right? Wrong!

So, can you learn to play drums at 30, 40, 50 or older? The short answer is, absolutely yes! It’s never too late to start learning the drums. Music has no age limit, meaning anyone of any age can play any instrument.

Lincroft Music offers beginner drum lessons to students in and around Monmouth County, NJ with our experienced instructors

TECHNIQUE: Improper technique can lead to bad habits that hold students back. We teach your student how to sit correctly at the drums and how to position their hands, wrists, and fingers.

MUSIC THEORY: A major part of becoming a complete musician is a thorough understanding of music theory. In each lesson, new musical concepts are taught that help to propel your student forward.

NOTE READING: Your student will learn to read music notation and follow the notes on the staff. Once they learn the ropes, they will be able to learn any song they desire.

REPERTOIRE: Together with their instructor, your student will go through repertoire in their lesson books, which they will practice weekly. Every four months, their hard work will culminate in recital performances.

Mini musician drum class in New Jersey
Mini Musician Drum Lessons

MINI MUSICIANS: Our intro to music class is perfect for younger beginners, ages 4-6. Mini Musicians class exposes kids to a variety of instruments including drums, hand drums, percussion instruments, piano and guitar. This class covers the foundations of music, music notation and rhythm in a fun and exciting setting.

Mini Musicians class is an excellent way to start music before moving into private drum lessons. Students can stay in this ongoing group class for as long as they need until we think they're ready to graduate to private drum lessons.


The right drum teacher can make all the difference in lessons for beginners. A kids first experience learning drums will set the tone for their future in music. At Lincroft Music, our carefully selected teachers all share a focus for making drum lessons FUN while ensuring students learn the fundamentals to their instrument.

Lincroft Music customizes lessons to each individual students needs, learning styles, musical tastes and any personal goals. Not any two students are the same, and neither should any two lesson plans. There's no "one-size-fits-all" curriculum, only highly personalized lessons at Lincroft Music. We use a variety of tools, methods, songs and techniques to ensure each student is getting the most of their lessons.

Drum class at Lincroft Music School
Learning To Play Drums


It's always the right time to get started with drum lessons! If you're thinking about taking beginner drum lessons now, then let's chat and get you started! If you're always waiting for the "right" time, or for things to "slow down"... well, that might be a while. Our advice is to jump in!

We'll help you find a lesson time that first your schedule. Getting started is easy and convenient. Give us a call at 732-889-4321 and we'd love to answer any questions and help you get started. You can learn more about our beginner drum lessons here.


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