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Best Keyboards for Beginner Students

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

If you or your child are wanting to start piano lessons for the first time, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by all the options available for you to practice on at home. Take a breath, in this article we explore what is the best keyboard for beginner students!

There are many brands, sizes, options and price points to choose from. With the right guidance, you can feel confident that you're making the right decision. Getting your first keyboard or digital piano will be simple, and you'll be having fun playing in no time!

"When a student calls for the first time, often they ask if they need an acoustic upright piano in their home. If you have one already, great! Getting it tuned is all you'll need to schedule and you'll be ready to start learning", explains Sheri Nocelli, owner of Lincroft Music in Monmouth County NJ. "But a lot of people don't have the space in their home for an acoustic piano. The great news is that there are many very affordable options of keyboards and digital pianos available these days. They give you the feel and sound of an upright piano, but cost much less and take up a tiny amount of space."

"While it can be tempting to order the cheapest option online, I always recommend looking for several key features to make sure you or your child enjoy your lessons fully. Getting a better beginner keyboard will help you avoid bad habits, and avoid a harder learning curve too.", Nocelli explains.

"Avoid keyboards that claim to have built in lessons, or keyboards that are marked with the notes. At any age, from 5 to teens to adults... you will learn slower if you are using the crutch of marked keys. You don't need it."


  • Full Sized Keys

  • Weighted or Semi-Weighted Keys

  • An adjustable keyboard stand

  • A sustain pedal attachment

These are 4 great options available on Amazon if you're looking for the perfect instrument to get started with.

This is a great option for getting started that you'll be able to play for many years to come. It features a full size 88 key layout with semi-weighted (almost feels exactly like a piano). This is the keyboard we use in our Group Piano Classes. For the price, this is perfect for kids and adult beginners, and is a keyboard you can grow with. (It does offer "built in" lessons if you download their app, but we recommend not using them. We have seen bad habits develop in students with hand positioning and fingerings when trying the built in games or lessons)

If you're on more of a budget, something like this beginner package from Amazon is a great way to get started. It comes with a keyboard stand and seat so you can get the right angle to play on. While this isn't the most ideal solution, this is something you can get about a year or so out of before you'll need something a little more full size.

Digital pianos a are great for pianists of all levels, from beginners to intermediate. These are a popular choice if you'll be putting the piano in a living room or common area, since they are more visually attractive in their resemblance to an acoustic piano. They feel and size are very close to an acoustic, and you'll enjoy playing on this piece for many years to come.

A higher end option, "The One Digital Piano" is popular with piano students. This is great if you're intermediate, or if you have more than one member of the household wanting to learn. This digital piano has a lovely touch that will feel close to an acoustic piano. With weighted keys, and a sensitivity like an acoustic piano, this will become a piece in your home that inspires. The best part? Digital pianos take up a smaller footprint than Acoustic Pianos, you can adjust their volume or even use headphones, and they never need tuning!


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