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Audition Tips for Kids in Musical Theater

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Learn how to audition with confidence!

At Lincroft Music, we wanted to share our audition tips for kids in musical theater. When your child is excited about an upcoming audition for a musical theater production they heard about at school, your town or a local community theater, it can be an exciting and stressful time for them, and you. We are lucky to live in a HUB of musical theater and Broadway productions. Monmouth County, New Jersey is a hot spot for the theater and there is a wealth of opportunity available to anyone interested in the world of performing arts.

Auditioning for musical theater can be stressful for kids, and parents, regardless if this is your first audition, or if you're a seasoned pro. The best thing you can do is prepare to the best of your ability, so you can audition with confidence! Here are 5 tips for parents and kids to help make the musical theater audition process fun.

1) Select your music carefully. You'll probably be asked to come prepared with a full song or a section of a song to sing at your musical theater audition. Sometimes the production will give you a specific songs or a few to choose from, and sometimes they'll ask you to pick anything you'd like. Choosing the right song to fit the part, and your vocal range is important so you can be sure you're showing your full potential. Having a voice teacher who can help you choose the right piece is important. Work with your teacher to pick a song to help you shine your brightest.

2) Keep going. If you're in the middle of singing your audition piece and forget the words or mess up the lyric order, don't stop singing. Keep performing, and stay confident in your delivery. Keep focused on staying calm, and keep going no matter what. Many times people won't even notice you mixed up or forgot lyrics if you just keep on singing! So remember, sell your performance and try not to show it on your face if you make a mistake.

3) The story is the goal. When you head into a musical theater audition, remember that the casting director is looking for the right fit for the character. Sometimes they are looking for a certain height, look or personality. When casting a show, they have to go with people who would complement each other well on stage to best tell the story. Don't take it personally if you don't get picked, often it has nothing to do with how your audition goes, but more with the overall production needs.

4) Relax. Remember to have fun and enjoy the process of auditioning. The musical theater world is full of fun, exciting experiences and interesting people. Take time to enjoy the experience and make connections. Making friends with other kids auditioning is always a good idea. You'll probably be seeing a lot of the same people at many different musical theater auditions, and it's more fun when you can cheer on friends.

5) Ongoing training. The best way to be prepared for a musical theater audition is to have ongoing training. Having two or three lessons before an audition without having regular vocal coaching is not setting yourself up to achieve success. Even professional working vocalists in theater still study with a private vocal coach. When you have a voice teacher working with you over long periods of time, they can help you strengthen your voice so you're always prepared to perform. Think of your voice and singing like exercising your body. An athlete doesn't go to the Olympics after training for a few weeks. They train for years to build up the stamina to compete. Singing is no different. When you're always training with a singing coach, you're always ready to audition and perform.


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